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Subject: (almost) discography
Message-ID: <11272@pitt.UUCP>
Date: 6 Aug 91 13:56:07 GMT

Some people where asking for a discography- There aren't dates on these
releases, but they are in mostly chronological order.

Dylan on CD

This is the 7/30/91 draft of a would-be definitive list of Dylan on CD.
Additions, corrections, etc. are most welcome.

Legitimate Releases:

All of Dylan's studio and live albums have been released on CD.  

CK 08579	Bob Dylan
CK 08786	The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
CK 08905	The Times They Are A-Changin'
CK 08993	Another Side of Bob Dylan
CK 09128	Bringing It All Back Home
CK 09189	Highway 61 Revisited
CGK 841		Blonde on Blonde		2 records on 1 CD
CK 9463		Greatest Hits
CK 9604		John Wesley Harding
CK 9825		Nashville Skyline
CGK 30050	Self Portrait			2 records on 1 CD
CK 30290	New Morning
C2K 31120	Greatest Hits Volume 2
CK 32460	Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
CK 37637	Planet Waves
C2K 37661	Before the Flood
CK 33235	Blood on the Tracks
C2K 33682	The Basement Tapes
CK 33893	Desire
CK 34349	Hard Rain
CK 35453	Street Legal
G2K 36067	Live At Budokan
CK 36120	Slow Train Coming
CK 36553	Saved
CK 37496	Shot of Love
CK 38819	Infidels
CK 39944	Real Live
CK 40110	Empire Burlesque
CK 40439	Knocked Out Loaded
CK 40957	Down In the Groove
CK 45056	Dylan and the Dead
CK 45281	Oh Mercy
CK 46794	Under the Red Sky
C3K 47382	The Bootleg Series [rare and unreleased] Vol 1-3

(Notable) Foreign Pressings:

32286		Bob Dylan (A Fool Such As I)
Sony		  [This is the album 'Dylan']

CDCBS 67239	More Bob Dylan Greatest Hits
CBS		  [This is the 2CD set, 'Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume II']

		Masterpieces - 3 CD set 
		Rerelease, common tracks missing are restored

462448 2	Masterpieces - 2 CD set
CBS 		Includes Mixed Up Confusion
			 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window
			 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
			 Spanish is the Loving Tongue
			 George Jackson
			 Rita May
		Missing some common tracks.

SAMPCD 1476			Bob Dylan
				5 Tracks from the bootleg series volumes 1 - 3
				promotion only not for sale
				mastered by DADC Austria

				1. Mama, You Been On My Mind		2:58
				2. If You Gotta Go, Go Now		2:55
				3. Tangled Up In Blue			6:52
				4. Foot Of Pride			5:56
				5. Series of Dreams			5:53
								total: 24:36

				All selections are from the Bootleg Series 
				Volumes 1-3 except Series of Dreams,
				which has a slight lyric variation.

XPCD 137	Dylan Originals			(1991 Hammersmith Promo)
Columbia	Handy Dandy
		Man in the Long Black Coat
		Knocking on Heaven's Door
		Big Yellow Taxi

XPCD 116	Forever Young			(1990 Hammersmith Promo)
CBS		Political World
Commemorative	Times are A-Changin
Sampler		Visions of Johanna
		It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
		Everything is Broken
		Rainy Day Woman
		Forever Young
		Man in the Long Black Coat
		Lay Lady Lay
		Subterranean Homesick Blues
		Hard Rain
		Blowin' in the Wind
		Chimes of Freedom

465034 2	Greatest Hits III
CBS (Australia)	Positively 4th St
		One Too Many Mornings
		Pledging My Time
		She Belongs To Me
		My Back Pages
		All I Really Want To Do
		Corrina, Corrina
		House of the Rising Sun
		Man of Constant Sorrow
		I Shall Be Free
		Tombstone Blues
		4th Time Around

352066 (1989)	All I Really Want To Do
Duchesse CD 	All I Really Want To Do
		Baby Blue
		She Belongs To Me
		On The Road Again
		Outlaw Blues
		Spanish Harlem
		My Back Pages
		Maggie's Farm
		Black Crow Blues
		To Ramona
		I Shall Be Free #10
		I Don't Believe You
		Gates Of Eden


CSK 4042			Blind Willie McTell (radio edit) (4:05)
Promo				Blind Willie McTell (5:52)
				It Takes A Lot To Laugh (3:21)

CSK 3081			Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series Sampler
				Total Time: 53:31

				1.  Moonshiner (5:04)
				2.  Mama You've Been On My Mind (2:55)
				3.  If You Gotta Go, Go Now (2:53)
				4.  Like A Rolling Stone (1:35)
				5.  It Takes A Lot To Laugh (3:20)
				6.  She's Your Lover Now (6:08)
				7.  I Shall Be Released (3:54)
				8.  Tangled Up In Blue (6:50)
				9.  Lord Protect My Child (3:56)
				10. Foot of Pride (5:56)
				11. Blind Willie McTell (5:52)
				12. Series of Dreams (4:52)

				All selections are from the Bootleg Series 
				Volumes 1-3 except Series of Dreams,
				which is the shorter, promo version.

Unbelievable			Unbelievable (from Under the Red Sky)
CD 3 format

Unbelievable (UK)		Unbelievable (from Under the Red Sky)
CBS 656304 2			10,000 Men (from Under the Red Sky)
				In the Summertime (from Shot of Love)
				Jokerman (from Infidels)

CSK 2138			It's Unbelievable (from Under the Red Sky)

Most of the Time		Most of the Time (edit) (3:55)
CSK 73326 			Most of the Time (live 3/16/90) (4:55)
Promo				Most of the Time (from Oh Mercy)

Political World (UK)
CBS 655643 2			Political World (3:43) (from Oh Mercy)
				Ring Them Bells (from Oh Mercy)
				Silvio (from DiG)
				All Along the Watchtower (from D+tD)

Political World (UK)		
CBS 655643 5			Political World (3:43) (from Oh Mercy)
Picture Disk			Caribbean Wind (from Biograph) (5:52) 
				You're a Big Girl Now (from Biograph) (4:20)
				It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Biograph) (5:40)

Everything is Broken (UK) 	Everything is Broken (3:12) (from Oh Mercy)
CBS 655358 2			Where Teardrops Fall (2:30) (from Oh Mercy)
				Deadman Deadman  (3:58) (live)
				Ugliest Girl in the World (3:30) (from DiG)

Everything is Broken 	 	Everything is Broken (3:12) (from Oh Mercy)
CSK 1814  Promo

8923		Up Close: Bob Dylan (2 CD Radio Show)
Neer Perfect

Other Appearances:

This is not a complete list.  Send me additions!

60616-2		For Our Children (benefits Pediatric AIDS foundation)
Disney		Dylan sings 1 cut, "This Old Man"

9 25796-2	Travelling Wilbury's Vol 3
Warner Bros	Dylan, Harrison, Petty, Lynne

W9523CD		Travelling Wilbury's single "She's My Baby"
Warner Bros	Includes 'New Blue Moon' Instrumental

9 26280-2	Nobody's Child - Romanian Angel Appeal
Warner Bros	Travelling Wilburys sing 1 cut, Nobody's Child (3:25)
		There is a Nobody's Child CD single from this album.

NK 46042	Flashback- The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
WTG		Dylan sings 1 cut, People Get Ready
		Jimi Hendrix cover of All Along the Watchtower
		also included

CK 44034	Folkways, A Vision Shared - 
Columbia	A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly
		1988, Dylan sings 1 cut, Pretty Boy Floyd (4:26)

9 25796-2	Travelling Wilbury's Vol 1
Warner Bros	Dylan, Harrison, Petty, Orbison, Lynne
		There is at least one CD3 single from this album.

91003-2		Rattle and Hum - U2
Island		Dylan cowrote 1 song, Love Rescue Me, and is credited
		with back up vocals on this cut, but is unnoticable.
		Also on this CD is U2's cover of All Along the Watchtower.

CK 40870	Hearts of Fire- Original Soundtrack
Columbia	Dylan sings 3 cuts, The Usual
				    Night after Night
				    Had a Dream about you, Baby

18155-2		Songs For the New Depression
Atlantic	Bette Midler and Dylan sing 1 cut, Buckets of Rain (3:54)

CK 44286	Death of a Ladies' Man - Leonard Cohen
CBS		Dylan credited as back up vocals on 1 cut.  Dylan is
		unnoticable, however.
813 582-2	No Reason to Cry
Polydor		Dylan sings Sign Language, with Eric Clapton

W22-3146	The Last Waltz
Warner Bros	The Band, Dylan, etc.  Dylan sings 4 cuts, 
		  I Don't Believe You
		  Baby Let me Follow You Down
		  Forever Young
		  I Shall Be Released

9 26036-2	A Tribute to Woody Guthrie 
Warner Bros	(1968 Memorial Concert)
		Dylan sings 3 cuts, I Ain't Got No Home
				    Dear Mrs Roosevelt
				    The Grand Coulee Dam

VCD-17/18	Greatest Folksingers of the Sixties
Vanguard	Dylan sings 1 cut, Blowin' in the Wind (3:17)
		This is from a Newport Folk Festival, many other singers

Notable Covers:

		I Shall Be Unreleased

SIS 001		The Times They Are A Changin' / A Tribute to Bob Dylan Vol. 1
Sister Ruby	Various Artists cover 12 Dylan songs.

VCD-79306/7	Any Day Now / Songs of Bob Dylan
Vanguard	Joan Baez covers 16 Dylan songs.

SCD 20		The Songs of Bob Dylan
Start		The CD contains fewer cuts then the double LP.

CD Boots: The following are boots I have seen and verified.
	  They are in approximate chronological order, based on their contents.

"The Dylan's Root"
Skeleton SKCD 1001 
Total Running Time: 66:05
Made in Italy

1. San Francisco Bay Blues
2. Jesus Met the Woman at the Well
3. Gypsy Davey
4. Pastures of Plenty
5. Trail of the Buffalo
6. Jesse James/Car Car/Southern Cannonball
    /Bring Me Back My Blue-Eyed Boy
7. Remember Me

8. Pretty Peggy-o
9. In the Pines
10. Gospel Plow
11. 1913 Massacre
12. Backwater Blues
13. A Long Time A Growin'
14. Fixin to Die

(1-7)  East Orange Tape, 1961
(8-14) Carnegie Chapter Hall, New York, Nov 4, 1961

A nicely organized CD with two complete recordings of '61 Dylan tapes.
The sound is very good overall, and better on the East Orange cuts then
the New York cuts (If you just want the Carnegie Chapter Hall concert,
there is less static on the "Acoustic Troubador" CD described below).

This CD contains a booklet with a description of the circumstances of
these recordings in German, French, Italian, and English.  The English
is at times humorous: "Mr and Mrs Gleason conceived a passion for
Woodie Guthrie and the folk music; so they was used to record the music
that friends and frequent callers played at their home."  Besides
peculiar wording, the information is gotten across, and the packaging
is not skimpy.  The label side of the disc is decorated with black
mirror images of a head and shoulder shot of a young Dylan, with the
disc title in orange.

"Acoustic Troubadour"
Vigotone  793 422 02
Total Running Time 70:24
Made in EEC

1. Pretty Peggy-o
2. In the Pines
3. Gospel Plow
4. 1913 Massacre
5. Backwater Blues
6. A Long Time A Growin'
7. Fixin to Die

8. Love Minus Zero/No Limit
9. Hard Rain

10. Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts
11. (If You See Her, Say Hello)

(1-7)   Carnegie Chapter Hall, New York, Nov 4, 1961
(8-9)   Bangladesh Afternoon show, Aug 1, 1971 (from Radio interview)
(10-11) Blood on the Tracks Outtakes

Strangely, none of my foreign correspondents have seen this CD yet.
This is a nice product- the CD is pretty full, the sound is great and
the packaging is attractive.  When I first saw it, I thought "Strange
that they didn't include the acoustic Idiot Wind."  Listened to it,
and, well, they did.  Cuts 10 and 11 are actually:

10. Idiot Wind
11. Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts

and 'If You See Her' is left off the disk.  On the disc itself, the
track listing is correct, even though the packaging is wrong.  Too bad,
as otherwise this gets full marks.  Cuts 8 and 9 are from the afternoon
show, and not on the legitimate Concert for Bangladesh release.  The
disc packaging consists of hand-colored black and white photos of
Dylan, to good effect.

Bob Dylan - Montreal 1962 New York 1961
Evil 002 - Made in Italy

Gaslight Sept 6 1961

 1. Man on the Street
 2. He was a Friend of Mine
 3. Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
 4. Song to Woody 
 5. Car Car
 6. Pretty Polly

Finjan Club, July 2, 1962

 7. Two Trains Runnin'
 8. Ramblin' on My Mind
 9. Death of Emmett Till
10. Stealin'
11. Hiram Hubbard
12. Blowing in the Wind
13. Rocks and Gravel
14. Quit Your Low Down Ways
15. He Was a Friend of Mine
16. Let Me Die in My Footsteps

This CD is a good example of why people dislike bootlegs.  Despite its label,
the disc itself is missing "Song to Woody" from the Gaslight- a stupid omission
since the Gaslight Tape is widely circulated.  The order of the Finjan Club
cuts printed on the disk does not match the order they actually appear in -
that is just plain sloppy production.

The sound quality is not good- about the same as my Nth generation tape of
the performance.   The vocals are clear, but there is a lot of static and
a constant hiss. 

RECOMMENDATION: Get a tape of this instead.

Documents of Bob Dylan
4 CD's
Magic Music CD 31001, 31002, 31003, 31004

CD 31001: (Total Time 35:17)
     1  A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
     2  Hezekiah Jones
     3  No More Auction Block
     4  Rocks & Gravel
     5  Don't Think Twice
     6  Barbara Allen
     7  Moonshine Blues

CD 31002: (Total Time 35:57)
     8  See That My Grave is Kept Clean
     9  Ain't No More Cane
    10  Cocaine
    11  Cuckoo is a Pretty Bird
    12  West Texas
    13  Motherless Children
    14  Handsome Molly
    15  John Brown
    16  Ballad of Hollis Brown
    17  Kindhearted Woman Blues

CD 31003:
    18  Man on the Street
    19  He was a Friend of Mine
    20  Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic...
    21  Song to Woody
    22  Car Car
    23  Pretty Polly
    24  Two Trains Runnin'
    25  Ramblin' on my MInd

CD 31004:
    26  Rocks and Gravel
    27  Quit your Low Down Ways
    28  He was a Friend of Mine
    29  Let me Die in my Footsteps
    30  The Death of Emmett Till
    31  Stealin'
    32  Hiram Hubbard
    33  Blowin' in the Wind

 1-17: Gaslight 2
18-23: Gaslight 1
24-33: Finjan Club

This 4 CD set can be found overseas sold both individually and in a
set, and are quite inexpensive ($30-40 US for all 4).  I have not seen
them anywhere in the States.  Each sports a different photo of Bob on
the front, but minimal additional packaging.  While inexpensive, each
disc is not really all that full- all of these songs could have been
put on just two CDs (and in fact, most of it can be found on two other
CD boots).  The first two discs include the exact same material which
is available on the more common 'Gaslight Tapes' CD in the same sound
quality.  The second two discs include all the material that is on the
'Bob Dylan - Montreal 1962 New York 1961' CD, however Song to Woody is
included on these discs and the sound here is much better.  The discs
include an address: Magic Music, Orionweg 17, 2000 Hamburg 65, Germany.

Gaslight Tapes
	In the US: Laser 76025 "Made in Korea"
	In Australia: Companion 6187602 "Made in Denmark"

	Hard Rain (6:53)
	Black Cross (2:09)
	No More Auction Block (3:01)
	Rocks and Gravels (Solid Road) (5:11)
	Don't Think Twice (3:17)
	Barbara Allen (8:05)
	Moonshine Blues (4:14)
	Motherless Children (3:11)
	Handsome Molly (2:46)
	John Brown (5:58)
	Hollis Brown (5:44)
	Kindhearted Woman Blues (2:30)
	See that My Grave is Kept Clean (3:20)
	Ain't No More Cane (1:58)
	Cocaine (2:52)
	Cuckoo is a Pretty Bird (2:20)
	Goin' Down to Texas (excerpt) (4:35)

Dr. Zimmerman's Original Old Time Hootenany
   Archive Productions  AP 89003  Made in Italy  runs 67:59
   Disk titled Bob Dylan:"Who You Really Are"

   This CD is composed of 4 tracks, each having multiple songs.  The packaging
   with this disk is nice, containing a fold-out front paper, with several
   pictures of Bob in his youth.  For the most part, the recording quality
   varies from only fair to very good.

	A.  (Quest TV, Canada 1964):
	The Times They Are A Changin'
	Bob Dylan's Dream
	Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
	Girl from the North Country
	A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall

	B. (Live with Joan Baez, 1964):
	Troubled And I Don't Know Why
	Blowin' in the Wind (partial)

	C. (Wings 1962):
	If I Had Wings
	Living The Blues
	In The Evening
	Long John

	D. (Turner's Basement 1963):
	Who You Really Are
	Bob Dylan's Dream
	If I Could Do It All Over You
	Keep Your Hands Off Her (really poor sound- a mess!)
	Used To Do
	Going Back To Rome
	Hootenany  (on label, but not present on the disk!)

Twelve Curses
The Early Years 02-CD-3337 Made in EEC  Total Time: 47:19

	1.  Only A Hobo (3:31)
	2.  Moonshine Blues (5:07)
	3.  Mama You've Been On My Mind (2:48)
	4.  Eternal Circle (1) (1:17)
	5.  Percy's Song (1) (7:38)
	6.  Seven Curses (3:43)
	7.  Lay Down Your Weary Tune (4:34)
	8.  Percy's Song (2) (7:12)
	9.  The Cough Song (1:58)
	10. Eternal Circle (2) (2:58)
	11. Walls of Redwing (5:12)
	12. Answerphone Message (1:25)

	1,2,3,6,9,10,11  Legitimately Released on The Bootleg Series Vol 1-3
	7,8 Legitimately Released on Biograph

This bootleg is of very good quality, and produced by the same label that put
out 'More Music From Big Pink'.  Amazingly, only 3 of the cuts are not
available legitimately at this time, so it is hard to recommend this disk.
It includes an 8 page color booklet with pics of Dylan.

Talking Too Much
Live in New York, 1963  Total Time (47:00)
Made in Austria by Koch-Digitaldisc
WPOCM 0888 D 003-2 1988

	Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie (8:08)
	Lay Down Your Weary Tune (4:57)
	Dusty Old Fairgrounds (5:16)
	John Brown (5:12)
	When The Ship Comes In (3:37)
	Who Killed Davey Moore? (3:15)
	Percy's Song (9:00)
	New Orleans Rag (3:24)
	Seven Curses (4:10)

SOUND: 6 (static)

Notes: Playing times on label are incorrect, the times above match the CD.
Also, John Brown is incorrectly listed as Ballad of Hollis Brown on the CD.
This CD corresponds to the unreleased live album planned by Columbia.

Bob Dylan (Pretty generic title, huh?)
LaserLight Digital 15 165  Made in West Germany

This disc has old cuts of many Dylan standards, and two
that distinguish the disc.  The last cut is incorrectly
labeled "If You Gotta Go" on the disc.  For completists only.

	Just Like a Woman (4:52)
	It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (4:35)
	Blowin' in the Wind (2:45)
	Times are A-Changin' (3:11)
	Like a Rolling Stone (6:02)
	I Want You (3:02)
	One Two Many Mornings (2:37)
	When the Ship Comes In (3:17)
	It Takes alot to Laugh (4:02)
	Candy Man (3:08)
	Death of Emmett Till (4:40)
	Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window (3:30)

Bob Dylan's Dream Vol. 2  
Living Legend Records  LLR-CD012

	Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance (1:47)
	Talkin' John Birch Society (3:38)
	Bob Dylan's Dream (3:37)
	Ballad of Hollis Brown (5:00)
	Talking World War 3 Blues (5:05)
	A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (7:24)
	With God on Our Side (4:23)
	"The Bear" Folk Club, Chicago, late April 1963.

	Mr. Tambourine Man (8:03)
	"Free Trade Hall," Manchester, May 1966.

	Talkin' New York (3:44)
	Corrina Corrina (4:00)
	Deep Ellum Blues (2:52)
	Blowin' in the Wind (2:34)
	"Gerde's Folk City," New York, July 1962.

	Sally Gal (2:38)
	Highway 51 (3:26)
	"Carnegie Chapter Hall," New York, September 1962

"Paranoid Blues"
Diamonds in your Ear CD 42
Produced by Flashback Worldproductions 1990
Total Running Time: 75:30

1  Times Are A-Changin'
2  Talking WW III Blues
3  Hattie Carroll
4  Girl From The North Country
5  A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
6  Restless Farewell

7  Tomorrow Is A Long Time
8  Masters Of War
9  Bob Dylan's Blues

10 Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
11 Talkin' New York
12 Corrina Corrina
13 Deep Elem Blues
14 Blowin' In The Wind

15 Baby Let Me Follow You Down
16 Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues
17 Death Of Emmett Till
18 Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor

1-6   Quest TV Canada, Feb 1964
7-9   Skip Weshner Show, Feb 1963 (the CD says 1962)
10-14 Gerdes Folk City, May 1962
15-18 WBAI Billy Faier, Oct 1962

This is a picture CD, although the picture is from 1969- Dylan with a
light beard wearing dark clothing against a dark background.  (In fact,
the insert includes a picture snipped from the Isle of Wight
promotional poster!) Despite these anachronisms, the packaging for this
disk is attractive.

The sound quality is good, although there is slight static and a few
soft ticks.  Perhaps the songs here are taken from vinyl.  The very
beginning of cut 7 is missing.  The music is mostly compelling,
although the last song, the only I hadn't heard before, did nothing for

This proved to be a hard disc to locate- originally it was sold with a
'limited edition' numbered sticker, but currently the sticker has

Bob Dylan - Acoustic Set NYC 1963
Koine Records, K890103 Made in Italy

	1. Ramblin' 
	2. Bob Dylan's Dream
	3. Tomorrow is a Long Time
	4. New Orleans Rag
	5. Walls of Red Wing
	6. Hero Blues
	7. Who Killed Davey Moore
	8. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

	9. Visions of Johanna
	10. Fourth Time Around
	11. Just Like a Woman

	1-8 Town Hall, NYC April 1963

Bob Dylan - Live in New York 1964  (October 31st)
CD released by "Record Document" as DR 001 CD.

	1  The Times They Are A-Changin'
	2  Spanish Harlem Incident
	3  John Birch Society Blues
	4  To Ramona
	5  Who killed Davey Moore?
	6  Gates of Eden
	7  If You Gotta Go, Go Now
	8  It's Alright Ma
	9  I Don't Believe You
	10 Mr Tambourine Man
	11 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
	12 Talking World War III Blues

Halloween Mask
Live in New York, Carnegie Hall, October 31, 1964

The Times They Are A-Changn'
Spanish Harlem Incident
Talkn' John Birch Paranoid Blues
To Romana
Gates of Eden
If You Gatta Go, Go Now
It's Alright Ma
I Don't Believe You
Who Killed Davey More

Mr. Tambourine Man
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
Talkn' World War III Blues
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
Mamma, You've Been on My Mind (*)
With God on Our Side (*)
It Ain't Me Babe (*)
All I Really Want To Do

(*) Duet with Joan Baez

Strip Tease (cd) Condor 1965

This cd boot consists mostly of tracks previously available on the old
bootleg lps "Stealin" [S] and "GWW John Birch Society Blues" [G]. The
cover says "taken from the recorder tape", but in fact the sound is
identical to those old boots (i.e. very muddy). Still, it has some
excellent material which doesn't seem to be available in any other form
at the moment. Warning: like other Condor cd boots, the speed is off
-- a tad slow. 

	1) It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [S]
	2) She Belongs to Me [S]
	3) Killing Me Alive (aka Barbed Wire Fence) [S]
	4) Love Minus Zero [S]
	5) If You Gotta Go, Go Now [S]
	6) On the Road Again
	7) It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [S]
	8) The Cough Song [S]
	9) I'll Keep it With Mine [G]
	10) California
	11) New Orleans Rag [S]
	12) East Laredo Blues [G]
	13) That's Alright Mama [S]
	14) Lay Down Your Weary Tune
	15) The Song it Was Long (aka The Eternal Circle) [G]
	16) Percy's Song [G]
	17) I Was young When I Left Home [G]
	18) In The Evening When the Sun Goes Down [G]
	19) Long John Gone [G]

Bob Dylan live with the Band, Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield
DR 015	- Record Document - Total Time: 63:17

1.  Midnight Train (0:58)
2.  Can you Please Crawl Out Your Window? (0:53)
3.  I Wanna Be Your Lover (3:33)
4.  Number One (4:03)
5.  Visions of Johanna (7:40)
6.  She's Your Lover Now (6:35)
7.  Jet Pilot (1:30)
8.  If You Gotta Go, Go Now (3:00)

9.  One Two Many Mornings (3:05)
10. Like a Rolling Stone (7:10)

11. Girl From the North Country (4:12)
12. Ballad of Hollis Brown (6:29)
13. Chimes of Freedom (7:40)
14. Only a Pawn in Their Game (5:50)
Tracks 1-8 are from the 1965 Hawks sessions. I should check to see if 3 is 
the same as biograph.  Sound on these tracks is pretty good. 

Tracks 9-10  are said to be "Edinburgh, May 5, 1966"
Clearly, this is incorrect.  I'm not sure where these are from. 
Dylan is singing with an odd voice here, and the sound on Like a Rolling Stone 
briefly fades into static in the middle- otherwise sound is not bad.

Tracks 11-14 are said to be "Philadelphia, PA, November 24, 1964"
Another mystery, eh?  These sound like they are recordings of a poorly
amplified concert- there is no static, but the music is distorted and
distant, yielding only a fair sound.

The jewel box is molded from blue plastic, and packaging is average.  Overall
the sound is quite a step below Record Document's other Dylan CDs.

Bob Dylan- Live in Newport 1965
Record Document CD - DR004CD

	Maggie's Farm
	Like a Rolling Stone
	It Takes a Lot to Laugh
	It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
	Mr. Tambourine Man
	This are all indeed from Newport '65.  The last two are acoustic.

	Don't think Twice, It's Alright
	Newcastle, 6/6/65.

	Don't think Twice, It's Alright
	The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol
	Mama, You've Been on My Mind (w/ Joan Baez)
	Silver Dagger (Joan Baez sings)
	With God On Your Side (w/ Joan Baez)
	It ain't Me, Babe (w/ Joan Baez)
	All I Really Want to Do
	Halloween 10/31/64

Bob Dylan - Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears
The Swingin' Pig, TSP-CD-057, 1990
Manchester May 7 1965
Total Time: 75:24

	1.  Times, They Are A-Changin'
	2.  To Ramona
	3.  Gates of Eden
	4.  If You Gotta Go, Go Now
	5.  It's Alright Ma
	6.  Love Minus Zero / No Limit
	7.  Mr. Tambourine Man
	8.  Talkin' WW III Blues
	9.  Don't Think Twice
	10. With God On Our Side
	11. She Belongs To Me
	12. It Ain't Me Babe
	13. Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
	14. All I Really Want To Do
	15. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

There is perhaps no better bootleg available then this one.  This could easily
be a commercial release.

Bob Dylan - San Francisco Press Conference Dec. 3rd 1965.
	Made in France.

	This is a 49:55 minute, one cut CD containing the 12/3/65 press
	conference.  It claims to be a limited pressing of 500- and I have 
	wonder why someone would bother to put this on CD, when there is
	so much music...  It comes with 2 English booklets from 1965,  and
	they are filled with mostly dated and incorrect information.

Bob Dylan's Dream:  Vol. 1
Living Legend Records LLR CD 005

	1. She Belongs to Me
	2. 4th Time Around
	3. Visions of Johanna
	4. It's All Over Now Baby Blue
	5. Desolation Row
	6. Just Like a Woman
	7. Tell Me Mama
	8. Baby Let Me Follow You Down
	9. Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues
	10. Press Conference Adeladie 1966

1-6 Bob Dylan
7-10 Bob Dylan and the Band
Live Festival Hall Melbourne, Australia 19th of April 1966.

SOUND: Perhaps the worse sound ever issued on CD

Bob Dylan and the Band - Live in England May 1966

 	4th Time Around
	Desolation Row
	Just Like a Woman
	Mr Tambourine Man

	Tell Me Mama
	Baby Let Me Follow You Down
	Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
	Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat
	One Too Many Mornings
	Ballad of Thin Man
	Like a Rolling Stone

The first four (acoustic) tracks are from the Dublin concert (not
exactly 'live in England'...); the following seven (electric) tracks
duplicate 'Royal Albert Hall' (omitting "I Don't Believe You").  It
sounds like it was copied from vinyl. The Dublin tracks sound better
than the Bulldog cd, though not as good as some vinyl boots; the
'Royal Albert Hall' tracks are significantly worse than the Swinging
Pig cd. 

Adelphi Theatre, Dublin May 5, 1966
	Bulldog BGCD 008

	If you want to warn your kids about drugs, this is the music
	to play for them.

	Johanna	(8:40)
	Fourth Time (4:40)
	Baby Blue (4:46)
	Desolation Row (10:35)
	Just Like a Woman (5:12)
	Mr. Tambourine Man (8:30)

"Manchester Prayer"  Total Time 56:13
TSP-CD-054 (The Swingin' Pig)

1) She Belongs to Me (4:18)
2) 4th Time Around (5:15)
3) Visions of Johanna (8:31)
4) It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (5:55)
5) Desolation Row (15:26) 
6) Just Like A Woman (8:10)
7) Mr. Tambourine Man (8:35)

The first 4 cuts are from the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 5/17/66.  
The last three are probably from RAH 5/27/66.

Regardless, the sound quality is excellent.  Swinging Pig seems to have
used some sort of "NoNoise" process to reduce tape hiss, clicks, etc.
It has really worked well.  This is the best sounding of the '66 tour CDs.
These songs are all acoustic, and Dylan's performance sounds less hindered by
drugs then so many of the '66 shows.

Annoyingly, the last cut is faded out.

PERFORMANCE: 8 (a bit slow)
SOUND: 10 

Bob Dylan & The Band, Royal Albert Hall 1966 
Swinging Pig TSP-CD-009

The famous electric set, which may or may not really be from Albert
Hall, 27-May 1966.

	 Tell Me Mama
	 I Don't Believe You
	 Baby Let Me Follow You Down
	 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
	 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
	 One Too Many Mornings
	 Ballad of a Thin Man
	 Like a Rolling Stone

Like A Rolling Stone
Bob Dylan & The Band, Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London May 27, 1966 
Vulture Records VT 006		Total Time: 44:54

Tell Me Mama
I Don't Believe You
Baby Let Me Follow You Down
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
One Too Many Mornings
Ballad of a Thin Man
Like a Rolling Stone

This is well packaged, and of similar sound quality to the better known
Swinging Pig TSP-CD-009.  Probably the Swinging Pig disk was used as a
master.  Visually, the disk has orange stripes painted on the disk from 
the center, like spokes.  The tracking of this CD is different then that 
on the Pig disk- here divisions are after Dylan introduces a song 
instead of before (ie the Judus exchange is on the end of the previous
cut instead of where you would expect it).  For this reason, I'd 
recommend the Swinging Pig disc instead.

More Music From Big Pink
SPA 02-CD 3319	Made in EEC	54+ minutes

All You Have to Do is Dream (3:57)
I Can't Make it Alone (3:35)
Bonnie Ship the Diamond (3:35)
Young But Daily Growing (5:32)
One Man's Loss (3:50)
The Hills of Mexico (3:00)
One For the Road (4:48)
One Single River (4:18)
Try Me Little Girl (1:38)
I Don't Hurt Anymore (2:18)
People Get Ready (3:20)
Baby, Ain't That Fine (2:06)
A Night Without Sleep (4:03)
A Fool Such as I (2:50)
Gonna Get You Now (1:38)
Stones That You Throw (3:27)

This is, of course, music taped in the basement of Big Pink, during the
Basement Tapes sessions.  

The recording quality of this music varies quite a bit.  (One song, "One
Man's Loss" has Dylan so faint that I think it must have been recorded
from another room!)  Overall, the sound is below average.  A few cuts
do stand out, however- perhaps because the music is seductive.

Minstrel Boy			Bob Dylan
WPOCM 0690 D 053 - 2		Isle of White, 8/31/69

1.  She Belongs to Me
2.  I Threw it All Away
3.  Maggie's Farm
4.  Wild Mountain Thyme
5.  It Ain't Me Babe
6.  To Ramona
7.  Lay Lady Lay
8.  Highway 61
9.  One Too Many Mornings
10. I Pity the Poor Immigrant
11. Like a Rolling Stone
12. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
13. Quinn the Eskimo
14. Minstrel Boy
15. Rainy Day Women #12, 35
16. Mr Tambourine Man
17. I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine

Well, it is nice to get all the cuts from this concert, albeit somewhat
out of order.  I haven't heard a tape of this concert, but the variation
in sound quality on this recording is surprising.  Many cuts are clear,
excellent sound.  Others have Dylan's singing almost inaudible, with 
slight feedback.  Could this be the best there is?  Of course, the 
four cuts which appeared on Self Portrait are present with good sound.
On this disc, some of the cuts fade in and out.  

This concert should see a legit release, I think.  Pleasant, if
somewhat uninspired, music.  The packaging includes a color photo of
Dylan at the concert, and reproduces a promotional poster for the

"Bob Dylan meets George Harrison and Johnny Cash"
Living Legend LLRCD 081
Total Running Time: 55:00

1  Song to Woody                4:01
2  You Been on my Mind          3:14
3  Justo (instr.)               1:50
4  Yesterday                    3:04
5  Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues  4:12
6  Da Do Ron Ron                3:17
7  One Too Many Mornings        6:08
8  One Too Many Mornings        4:00
9  Good Old Mountain Dew        1:52
10 I Still Miss Someone         2:34
11 Careless Love                7:04
12 Matchbox                     3:07
13 Big River                    1:58
14 That's All Right Mama        2:41
15 I'll Walk the Line           2:41
16 You Are My Sunshine          3:16

1 - 7 : Bob Dylan & George Harrison 1970
8 - 16: Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 1969

The CD identifies the instrumental as 'Justo', although this is
probably 'Don't Think Twice'.

Love Songs For America		Bob Dylan and the Band
TSP-CD-055-2			afternoon show, 1/14/74

Disc One
Total Time 43:39

1. Rainy Day Women #12, 35
2. Lay Lady Lay
3. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
4. It Ain't Me Babe
5. I Don't Believe You
6. Ballad of a Thin Man
7. Stage Fright
8. The Night the Drove Old Dixie Down
9. King Harvest
10.This Wheel's on Fire

Disc Two
Total Time 42:54

1. I Shall Be Released
2. Up on Cripple Creek
3. All Along the Watchtower
4. Ballad of Hollis Brown
5. Knockin on Heaven's Door
6. Times are A-Changin'
7. Don't Think Twice
8. Gates of Eden
9. Just Like a Woman
10.It's Alright Ma

I have this on tape as well, and the CD is, if anything, a tad better
sounding then my tape.  (Presumably, the effect of Swinging Pig's
NoNoise processing).  In any event, this 2 CD set is remains true to
the actual concert, except omitting the last 4 songs.  This is
annoying, as there was clearly room on these disks.  (Was this because
this was taken from a soundboard tape?) As far as concerts go, this one
is just average... I've heard better and heard worse.

Packaging is adequate... white and black low budget appearance.

Bob Dylan & Neil Young, Live in San Francisco, 1975
Super Golden Radio Shows No 27, SGRS 027, Made in Italy, 1991 
Total Time: 33:34

1. Group Announcement (0:34)
2. Are You Ready For The Country (3:07)
3. Ain't That A Lot of Love (3:51)
4. Looking For A Love (2:49)
5. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (3:08)
6. I Want You (2:52)
7. The Weight (3:59)
8. Helpless / Knocking on The Dragon's Door (7:07)
9. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (2:06)

This is the March 23 SNACK Benefit concert at which Bob was a surprise
guest, and it is really too bad his vocal performance here is almost
inaudible- probably as a result of poor sound mixing or something.  Everything
else sounds fine, but I can't recommend this recording to Dylan fans.
The performance of 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' has substantially different
lyrics here, and is the most interesting cut on the CD.

The packaging is mostly black, with a single photo of Dylan and Young at the

Bob Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Revue
Get Ready! Tonight Bob's staying here with you

Great Dane Records GDR CD 9010 (2 CD set)
Live at Boston Hall, Boston MA 21 Nov 75

	Disc One (54:12)

	When I paint My Masterpiece
	It Ain't Me Babe
	Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
	It Takes a Lot to Laugh
	Romance in Durango
	Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
	Times They Are A-Changin' (w/ Joan Baez)
	Never Let Me Go (w/ Joan Baez)
	I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine (w/ Joan Baez)
	I Shall Be Released (w/ Joan Baez)
	Wild Mountain Thyme (w/ Joan Baez)

	Disc Two (78:03)

	Blowin' in the Wind (w/ Joan Baez)
	The Water is Wide (w/ Joan Baez)
	Mama You've Been On My Mind (w/ Joan Baez)
	Dark as a Dungeon (w/ Joan Baez)
	I Don't Believe You
	Tangled Up in Blue
	Mr Tambourine Man
	It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
	Love Minus Zero/No Limit
	Simple Twist of Fate
	Oh Sister
	One More Cup of Coffee
	Just Like a Woman
	Knockin' on Heaven's Door
	This Land is Your Land (Many people)

SOUND: 8- (a few songs are muffled)

This album seems to be an amalgam of both the first and second show of Nov 21,
1975.  The recording quality of Dylan's duets with Baez seem to be the only 
weak points of this CD.

Moving Violation - Condor 1966 CD
	Toasted CD Works, "Made in Korea"

	Santa Monica Rehearsals, January 1978

	I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
	The Times, They Are a Changin'
	If You See Her, Say Hello
	I Don't Believe You
	Tommorrow is a Long Time
	You're a Big Girl Now
	Simple Twist of Fate
	If You See Her, Say Hello
	I Don't Believe You
	I Threw It All Away
	Maggie's Farm
	Repossession Blues
	Girl from the North Country
	Knockin' on Heaven's Door
	It's Alright Ma

Rundown to Maggie
Bob Dylan
DIYE 12 Picture Disc
Total Time: 66:31

1.  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (4:00)
2.  Times are A-Changin (4:26)
3.  If You See Her, Say Hello (4:04)
4.  I Don't Believe You (4:31)
5.  Tomorrow is a Long Time (4:14)
6.  You're a Big Girl Now (5:58)
7.  Simple Twist of Fate (4:24)
8.  If You See Her, Say Hello (3:29)
9.  I Don't Believe You (2:51)
10. I Threw it All Away (3:24)
11. Maggie's Farm (4:55)
12. Repossesion Blues (3:52)
13. Girl From the North Country (4:51)
14. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (5:20)
15. It's Alright Ma (6:11)

This is the '78 rehearsal tape, similar to 'Moving Violation', except
edited to omit partial songs and material between takes.  The sound 
quality is quite good, slightly better then on 'Moving Violation'.

The packaging is somewhat random.  The front-piece sports a mid-60s Dylan
4-colored in day-glo tones.  It folds out to display a reasonably
interesting photo of Bob looking through a broken telephone booth door
and 4 rather odd cartoons images of Bob.  This is printed on glossy
paper.  The side/back paper in the jewel box is unremarkable photocopy
on a dull lavendar paper.  On the disc itself is a reddish-brown and
black two color silk screened photo of Dylan, maybe from '78, maybe
more recent.  This is similar to, but nicer looking then the 1986 Press
Conference picture disc.

"Bob Dylan - I Was Young When I Left Home"
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 12, 1978
Golden Stars GZCD 2004 CD2, ADD, Made in EEC, 1990

Disc One     Total Time: 75:31

My Back Pages (Instrumental) (3:16)
I'm Ready (3:04)
Is Your Love in Vain (4:27)
Shelter From the Storm (4:36)
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (4:40)
Tangled Up in Blue (8:02)
Ballad of a Thin Man (4:22)
Maggie's Farm (4:39)
I Don't Believe You (4:15)
Like a Rolling Stone (6:32)
I Shall Be Released (4:05)
Going, Going, Gone (5:05)
One of Us Must Know (4:49)
It Ain't Me Babe (5:50)
Am I Your Stepchild (2:58)
One More Cup Of Coffee (4:45)

Disc Two     Total Time: 59:56

Blowin' in the Wind (4:49)
Girl From the North Country (5:47)
Where Are You Tonight? (5:54)
Masters of War (4:15)
Just Like a Woman (5:26)
To Ramona (4:22)
All Along the Watchtower (3:40)
All I Really Want To Do (3:13)
It's Alright Ma (9:12)
Forever Young (6:31)
Changing of the Guards (6:42)

I have somewhat mixed feelings about this release.  On one hand, it is
exactly what a purist hopes for- an entire concert, labeled and ordered
properly.  On the other hand, it is only a decent audience recording,
and Dylan sounds particularly shrill.  I think 'Golden Stars' could
have found a better '78 show.  Despite my opinion, I have heard people
say that this was their favorite show from this tour, as Dylan exhibits
a great deal of energy during this performance.

The packaging is a double CD box with a green profile of Dylan against
a red background.  The insert booklet is minimal, and repeats the
information on the outside of the box.  The choice of a title for this
CD is also a bit odd, as 'I Was Young When I Left Home' is not sung at
this concert.

Bob Dylan  Press Conferences 1986  
Hearts of Five [sic] CD	  Made in England  Picture disc

	1. 2/10/86 Sydney Press Conference
	2. 8/17/86 Hearts of Fire Press Conference

Precious Memories
Bob Dylan w/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Three Cool Cats TCC 003

1.  Positively 4th Street (5:30)
2.  All Along the Watchtower (4:20)
3.  Masters of War (5:15)
4.  I'll Remember You (4:15)
5.  I Forgot More (3:36)
6.  Johnny B. Good (3:14)
7.  Breakdown (7:38)
8.  Just Like a Woman (5:03)
9.  Blowin' in the Wind (5:03)
10. Lucky Old Sun (3:01)
11. Rock 'n' Roll Star (4:33)
12. Spike (6:58)
13. Like a Rolling Stone (6:04)
14. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (8:06)

The sound on this disc is excellent, as well it should be, as this is
the Westwood One Superstar Concert broadcast of August 30, 1986.
No reason this material couldn't be released legitimately- it really
makes me wish Columbia would have put out this instead of that awful
Dylan and the Dead album.

Packaging is minimal, although attractive enough- two unrelated artworks
adorn the front and back, with no photos of Dylan or Petty to be seen.

There is another CD available, 'Bob Dylan & Tom Petty, Dueling Banjos'
which has identical material to the above, despite being labeled
'Seattle 1989'.  I haven't heard this disc yet, but there is no reason
to expect the sound quality is not excellent since this material was
professionally recorded.

Traveling Wilbury's Volume 2
(Walk Away / Vol 2)
CD 3003 Goblin Records, Austrailia, 1990
Total Time: 68:57

1.  Walkaway (3:47)
2.  Nobody's Child (3:26)
3.  The Trembler (instr) (3:33)
4.  Crying (3:48)
5.  New Blue Moon (instr) (3:19)
6.  Under The Red Sky (4:10)
7.  Theme For Something Really Important (instr) (4:12)
8.  Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger (3:07)
9.  Every Little Thing (extended) (7:50)
10. End Of The Line (extended) (5:32)
11. Handle With Care (extended) (5:16)
12. Runaway (2:27)
13. Last Night (3:21)
14. Congratulations (2:52)
15. Dirty World (2:17)
16. Rattled (3:07)
17. End Of The Line (3:26)
18. Heading For The Light (3:51)

Let there be no doubting the audacity of these bootleggers.  There is
an Austrailian address printed on the CD packaging, but my
correspondent in Sydney assures me it is phony.  A good thing for
these guys, because many of the cuts on this album are taken directly
from commercial releases!  'Under The Red Sky' on this CD is identical
to the title track on Bob's last album; 'Nobody's Child' is directly
from the Romanian Angel Appeal effort; and so on.  Filling out this
album are the initial takes from the first Wilbury album, and some
instrumental pieces.  The sound is excellent and packaging is colorful,
with a photo and cartoon of the five Wilburys.  Since most of this
material is recent and available legitimately, you should pass this

Live!  The Silver Wilburys
   SWP 87-2  Made in Korea  "Promotional"  62:17 playing time

   George Harrison, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Taj Mahal and Jesse Ed
   Davis live at the Palamino Club Feb. 1988.  Dylan contributes
   guitar and sparce backup vocals.  The whole performance is very
   rough.  Be warned.

	Farther on Down the Road
	Knock on Wood
	Midnight Hour
	Honey, Don't
	Blue Suede Shoes
	Watching the River Flow (Harrison vocals)
	Proud Mary
	Johnny B Goode
	Hand Jive
	Peggy Sue
	Dizzy Miss Lizzy
	Twist and Shout

Bob Dylan: All The Way Down To Italy
Templar 20, made in Italy, distributed by Great Dane Records, Milano

Disc One, Total Time: 72:05

1.  Tangled Up In Blue (6:27)         1
2.  You're A Big Girl Now (5:26)      1
3.  Masters Of War (4:51)             1
4.  Ballad Of A Thin Man (5:08)       1
5.  Shelter From The Storm (5:14)     1
6.  Highway 61 Revisited (4:08)       1
7.  Tears Of Rage (6:57)              2
8.  House Of Gold (3:26)              3
9.  Most Likely You Go (4:59)         4
10. You Don't Know Me (3:46)          4
11. Stuck Inside Of Mobile (6:01)     4
12. Simple Twist Of Fate (7:05)       4
13. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (4:53)  4
14. All Along The Watchtower (3:44)   4

Disc Two, Total Time: 52:31

1.  Subterranean Homesick Blues (4:01)5
2.  Ballad Of Hollis Brown (5:10)     5
3.  Poncho And Lefty (5:47)           5
4.  The Times Are A Changin' (4:36)   6
5.  Shot Of Love (5:01)               6
6.  Seeing The Real You (4:11)        6
7.  I Want You (5:23)                 6
8.  The Man In Me (3:43)              6
9.  Silvio (3:29)                     6
10. I Shall Be Released (3:53)        1
11. In The Garden (4:50)              6
12. Like A Rolling Stone (5:42)       6
13. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (5:19)  6
14. Maggies's Farm (5:24)             6

1: Milan            6/19/89
2: Patras           6/26/89
3: Athens           6/28/89
4: Rome             6/20/89
5: Cave Dei Tirreni 6/21/89
6: Livorno          6/22/89

Sound on these disks is excellent, and while Dylan was untalkative during this
period, he and GE Smith certainly cranked out the music.  Including some 
rare performances from this tour (Tangled Up in Blue, Tears of Rage (debut!))
as well as covers (House of Gold, Pancho and Lefty, You Don't Know Me) makes
this collection especially nice.

Bob Dylan's Political World
Westwood 61, Made in U.S.A.
Hammersmith Odeon, London February 1990
Total Time: 44:45

1.  Political World               3:00  2/6
2.  Where Teardrops Fall          2:50  2/8
3.  Everything Is Broken          3:35  2/7
4.  Man in a Long Black Coat      4:40  2/6
5.  Most of the Time              4:05  2/7
6.  What Good Am I                4:55  2/4
7.  Disease of Conceit            5:00  2/8
8.  What Was It You Wanted        4:00  2/3
9.  Blue Ridge Mountain           4:30  2/8
10. Tight Connection To My Heart  5:00  2/3
11. Forever Young                 4:30  2/7

This CD is a compilation of tracks from the excellent audience recordings
made during Dylan's 1990 residency in London.  Columbia really missed the
boat by not releasing a live album from this tour.  Even though I'd have
prefered a complete concert (or even a psuedo concert with the best tracks
from this week of dates- oh what a double CD this could have made) I'm 
happy with this Oh Mercy pastiche.  The last three songs are excellent 
performances, and a welcome addition.  The short length is probably an
artifact from the LP boot, 'Deadpan Twist' of which this is a direct copy.
The CD itself sports a black and silver image of Bob, with an artsy blue
streak down the side.

Blue Ridge Mountain is a traditional song, perhaps better known as
I've Been All Around This World.

Travelling Wilburys Volume Four
In The Groove Record Company, AWCD21, 1990
Total Time: 45:35

1.  Wilbury Twist (2:55)
2.  7 Deadly Sins (3:20)
3.  New Blue Moon (3:22)
4.  Cool Dry Place (3:39)
5.  Runaway (2:32)
6.  Maxine (3:14)
7.  Inside Out (3:40)
8.  Where Where You Last Night (3:02)
9.  You Took My Breath Away (3:17)
10. If You Belonged To Me (3:11)
11. Poor House (3:14)
12. She's My Baby (3:20)
13. Devil's Been Busy (3:19)
14. Like A Ship (3:20) 

This is the Travelling Wilbury's worktape from volume 3, in great sound
quality.  Most notable is the inclusion of 'Like A Ship', undoubtedly 
a Dylan composition.  Packaging is white and sparse, and the track order
included with the CD is wrong (the above order is correct).
Now for stuff I've never seen. 

Bob Dylan's Sampler

	I have no idea what this is.

Title: "Live" (spine)  or "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" (cover)
Label: Drive
Number: CD Drive 3068
What: Studs Terkel Show 3/21/63 and Adelphi Theatre, Dublin, 5/5/66
Contents (in order):
1) Visions of Johanna
2) 4th Time Around
3) It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
4) My Own True Love 
5) A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
6) Bob Dylan`s Dream
7) Boots of Spanish Leather
8) John Brown
9) Who Killed Davey Moore?
10)  Blowin' in the Wind
11) Desolation Row
12) Just Like a Woman
13) Mr. Tambourine Man

This is one strange disc. They have interwoven 2 concerts, 1-3 and 11-13
are from Adelphi, with the 4-10 belonging to the Terkel show. Also, the 
shows are mis-identified, with the Terkel material being identified as
Adelphi, and vice-versa, except for #9, which has no attribution. Additionally,
#4's correct title is 'Farewell". To interweave these 2 shows, they pulled
a weird trick, by inserting what are probably the same crowd noises (only
varied) between all the songs. So one gets the impression that it is all
the same concert (although they make no attempts to identify it as such
on the packaging). Stranger yet, I have been informed that the Terkel tape
as such has _no_ crowd noises, as it is just an interview and Bob playing.
For this disc, there are no traces that there was an interview.  The 
sound quality varies. The Adelphi stuff is pretty good, with some distortion
on the lower frequencies (Bob's voice and the bass strings on the guitar),
yet the highs are clear. Nowhere near as good as the Manchester quality 
though. The Terkel show songs, on the other hand, are of excellent sound 
quality. So good, in fact, that it's hard to believe that it is 
a 1963 non-studio recording. Which leads me to point out the next oddity -
both the packaging and the disc itself identify the disc as being ADD and
stereo! I'm not sure how it could have been digitally mixed, although from
the sound of the Terkel songs, I'm almost willing to believe it. The stereo
claim seems dubious, given that I'm 97% positive they must have been mono
tapes. What seems possible is that the makers of the disc digitally mixed
an audience track with the concert track, and messed around with the 
channels so that it sounds like stereo.  So what we have here is a strange
animal - a synthetic Dylan concert, which on the whole sounds pretty good.
Knowing it's fake though does kind of detract from it though, but it is
fairly enjoyable. 

As promised here you find the real content of Collection. If
you compare this list with my previous one you see that
the printed order is different from the real one!
I would rate the sound-quality Fair to Good, some songs are
a bit better, some are a bit worse than on my best first-
generation bootleg-records.

Imtrat 200.013 2 CD    

CD 1
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue              outt 5
Cocaine Blues                             minn
New Orleans Rag                           outt 4
Hard Times in New York Town               minn
Baby Let Me Follow You Down               minn
Poor Lazarus                              minn
The Cough Song                            broad
When the Ship Comes In                    cbs
California                                witm
If I Could Do It all Over                 banjo
Candy Man                                 minn
The Death of Emmett Till                  outt 1
Just Like a Woman                         cbs
Farewell Angelina                         banjo
Like a Rolling Stone                      cbs

CD 2
Mr. Tambourine Man                        cbs
Can You Please Crawl out of Your Window   outt 6
>From a Buick 6                            outt 6
Love Minus Zero                           outt 5
Stealin'                                  minn
Killing Me Alive                          outt 6
Who You really Are                        banjo
Dusty Old Fairgrounds                     carn
Baby Please Don't Go                      minn
She Belongs to Me                         outt 5
Wade in the Water                         minn
Lay down Your Weary Tune                  outt 4
That's All Right Mama                     outt 4
Man of Constant Sorrow                    minn
Blowin' in the Wind                       cbs

cbs   stolen from cbs-records
minn  minnesota tape
banjo banjo tape (turner)
carn  carnegie '63
outt  outtake (with record#)
witm  witmark demos

Anthony Kapolka   
God knows it could snap apart right now just like putting scissors to a string

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Isis 37 has reviews of 40 bootleg CDs, and I count 13 they missed, so there
are now over 50 of these things... what is this world coming to?

Bob Dylan - Down in the Flood
Live at the Power Station, New York, 1983
Archivio ARC CD 005  Made in Italy  
Total Time: 43:52

    Jokerman                            6:21
    License to Kill                     3:33
    Man of Peace                        6:35
    Neighborhood Bully                  4:39
    Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight      5:48
    Blind Willie Mc Tell                4:25
    Sweetheart Like You                 3:54
    I And I                             4:49
    Foot of Pride			3:47

These are Infidels outtakes, but the selection is somewhat puzzling.
Many of the outtakes here are almost identical to the versions
appearing on Infidels.  Inexplicably missing are Julius and Ethel and
the Tell Me outtake which didn't appear on the Bootleg Series, and
included are songs like Foot of Pride, which does.  Fortunately,
the version of Blind Willie here is the one which was left off of the
Bootleg series.

The packaging is black and white, and somewhat minimal even if smart
looking.  The sound quality is good, but worse then I would expect from
studio outtakes- the bootleggers probably didn't look too hard for a
crisp copy of this material.

All in all, I can't recommend this disc, except to completists.

Anthony Kapolka

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Here's another new CD...

Bob Dylan - Flashing for the Refugees
with Tom Petty + The Heartbreakers
Vorst Internationaal Bruxelles, Belgium October 8, 1987
Speedball SBC 009  Made in Italy 1991
Total Time: 76:03

    Desolation Row                      5:35
    Like a Rolling Stone                4:58
    The Times They Are A-Changin'       3:50
    Gotta Serve Somebody                4:34
    Maggie's Farm                       4:47
    Senor                               5:08
    I Want You                          5:18
    Pledging My Time                    3:50
    Chimes Of Freedom                   5:33
    The Lonesome Death of
                    Hattie Carroll      5:40
    Don't Think Twice, It's All Right   2:59
    I and I                             5:41
    Shot Of Love                        4:34
    Blowin' In The Wind                 4:11
    Man Gave Name To All The Animals    3:37
    In The Garden                       6:10

This is exactly what I want to see.  A complete show, properly
labeled, in excellent audience sound.  They've even chosen a great
concert.  Nothing unprofessional about this disc, and it deserves
a very strong recommendation.

The packaging here is minimal, but the cover includes a color
picture of Bob looking angrily at his cigarette, a harmonica (labeled
"G"!) hangs in a holder around his neck.

Anthony Kapolka

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Finally I ran across one of those Black Panther CDs- they are made and
sold in Japan...

Bob Dylan- Live in New York 1964
Black Panther BPCD021 1989

        1  The Times They Are A-Changin'
        2  Spanish Harlem Incident
        3  John Birch Society Blues
        4  To Ramona
        5  Who killed Davey Moore?
        6  Gates of Eden
        7  If You Gotta Go, Go Now
        8  It's Alright Ma
        9  I Don't Believe You
        10 Mr Tambourine Man
        11 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
        12 Talking World War III Blues

This is a direct copy of the CD released by "Record Document" as DR 001 CD,
with different packaging (although the drawing of Dylan appearing on the
Record Document CD was reused!)

Black Panther has put out other copies of bootlegs, although I haven't seen
them yet.

BPCD 020        Bob Dylan/Live in NY 1963
BPCD 022        The Session... with Al Kooper, Mike Bloomfield, and the Band
BPCD 023        Bob Dylan/Newport Festival 1965           
Anthony Kapolka